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Salford traffic jam woes: 96% tell MP that journey times increased

Over 400 people who replied to a local MP’s survey on traffic delays in Salford said their daily journey time had increased due to congestion.

Barbara Keeley, MP for Worsley and Eccles South, launched the online survey after repeated complaints that roadworks across the city were causing daily misery for drivers.

She asked local residents to have their say on any measures that could help tackle increased congestion.

88% thought that congestion issues on local roads were “a severe problem”.

79% said they were affected by traffic hold-ups every single day.

Over a third said they spent up to an hour every day in traffic jams.

31% said the delays were up to two hours, and one in ten said their daily journeys were increased by more than two hours every day due to local traffic jams.

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The Worsley and Eccles South MP said she is getting complaints daily from local residents over traffic issues and some even fear losing their jobs because of the delays they’re facing.

Now the MP has requested a meeting with transport bosses and Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart to present the results of the survey.

She told SalfordOnline.com: “The responses I received highlight the misery many people are forced to endure on a daily basis due to congestion.

“Over 400 people took part and shared ideas on how to ease the congestion in the short to medium term.

“I will be asking transport bosses whether any of the ideas put forward by local residents could be implemented to bring short term improvements to the traffic misery local people are enduring each day.

“We know this is a complex problem and in the long-term major improvements are needed to the road network. However, it is important that we look at what immediate action could be taken to help improve the lives of local people stuck in this traffic misery.”

Ms Keeley vowed to continue to campaign until action is taken.

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