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Kayden, 14, goes snooker loopy to hit 147 maximum

Teenage snooker star Kayden Brierley from Swinton has stunned his coaches by potting a maximum 147 break this week.

Moorside High School pupil Kayden, 14, has regularly been scoring 140s in practice but the ultimate total for any snooker player has always been just out of his grasp – until now.

Kayden has been part of the North West Junior Snooker Academy since the age of just nine.

His hard work means his game has been developing strongly over the past couple of years under the watchful eye of legendary 83-year-old coach Reg Davies.

David Spencer owns the snooker hall and is himself the nephew of three-time world snooker champion John Spencer.

He said: “This is a major step towards Kayden’s dream of playing professional snooker and has had great success for his age in the English Amateur Snooker & Billiards National Competitions.

“We’re all very proud of Kayden for this achievement – while he’s been at the Academy his shot selection and positioning has gone up a level to the point where he can take on any player of any age and win.

“The next step is going to be translating this success into a match situation so Kayden can bring home trophies for Salford.”

All the top skills necessary to go pro are taught every Wednesday and Saturday at Swinton Leisure Centre on Wellington Road, from ball control, positional play, shot selection and in-game strategy.

In the same week the Snooker Academy was visited by local world snooker legends David Taylor and Paddy Browne, pictured here with coach Reg Davies.

Paddy Browne and David Taylor with head coach Reg Davies

Paddy Browne and David Taylor with head coach Reg Davies

The North West Junior Academy runs Wednesday 5pm till 7pm and Saturday 11am till 1pm at Swinton Leisure, Wellington Rd, Swinton, Manchester, M27 4BR.

Join up or find out more at the Swinton Leisure Academy website or find them on Facebook

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