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Evicted travellers move from Irlam to Cadishead and Walkden to St Mary’s Park

Travellers evicted from two sites in Irlam and Walkden this week have moved on to occupy sites just yards down the road.

On Sunday 12 July at around 4pm between 30 and 40 of caravans, cars and wagons arrived an area of grass near the entrance to Blackleach Country Park at the corner of Hill Top Road and Bolton Road in Walkden.

At the same time around 15 to 20 caravans took up residence on open green space at Princes Park in Irlam.

After complaints Salford City Council issued eviction notices on Monday 13 July.

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But 24 hours after being evicted, caravans leaving Irlam have now pitched up at Cadishead Park, some half a mile down Liverpool Road.

And those evicted from Walkden have set up around 500 yards to the north of the previous pitch, at St Mary’s Park.

A spokesperson for the council said the authority could not block the travellers from all sites across the district and under law had to issue eviction notices to specific locations.

“Their arrival has caused a lot of unrest in the local community,” said one Irlam resident.

Concerned local residents have made reports of travellers leaving bin bags full of rubbish and flytipping on the Salford sites they occupy.

But some are backing the travellers, complaining of racist attitudes and preconceptions which are unfair and mostly untrue.

Suggestions have been made that the council should erect boulders to block cars and caravans from driving onto green spaces and parks illegally.

The council’s spokesperson said: “We have to serve eviction notices on individual sites.

“We cannot apply a blanket ban across the district.

“The travellers were evicted from sites in Irlam and Walkden but have moved onto other sites.

“We are continuing with enforcement action to remove them from these locations.”

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