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Police put Little Hulton Amblecote estate in ‘ASBO lockdown’

Police officers will be able to tell anyone over 10 to to leave an estate in Little Hulton after signing off on a 48-hour anti-social behaviour order.

42 streets on the Amblecote estate, which includes the area around Dukesgate Primary School, fall under the ‘police dispersal power’ until 5pm on Wednesday.

It means police officers or PCSOs who suspect anyone “is contributing, or is likely to contribute,
to ASB, crime or disorder in the area” can order them to leave the area for a short time throughout the two days.

Police have not specified which incidents the order relates to, but officers have been called to instances of low-level harrassment on the estate.

Greater Manchester Police Salford West Division wrote on Facebook the move was “Due to a number of incidents of disorder on the Amblecote estate”.

Little Hulton asbo lockdown

Some residents have already welcomed the move on Facebook, intimidated by police action in recent weeks and months.

Dispersal orders have been in use since 2007.

Changes to the law in October 2014 made it easier for police to “provide short-term respite” for communities by removing people from a specific area and toughening stop and search.

The short-term orders have to be authorised and signed off by an Inspector.

“The power is preventative and allows an officer to deal instantly with someone’s behaviour in a particular place and to confiscate related items,” the Home Office said, introducing the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Over the other side of Cleggs Lane, early on Sunday 27 September 2015, police were called to Crescent Drive after a house was shot at by an unknown gunman.

No-one was hurt, and no arrests have yet been made.

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Greater Manchester Police Salford West Division wrote on their official Facebook page: “Due to a number of incidents of disorder on the Amblecote estate on the Amblecote estate in Little Hulton, a dispersal order is currently in place until 1659 hours on Wednesday 30th September 2015.

“A constable and/or PCSO in uniform may direct any person over the age of 10 who is in a public place in the locality to (a) leave the locality (or part of the locality) of the attached map, and, (b) not to return to the locality (or part of the locality) for the period specified.

“Failure to comply with the direction to leave is a criminal offence. Failure to surrender items if instructed is also a criminal offence.”

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